Accessibility Statement

Access to any company’s website can present challenges for persons with certain disabilities. Since all disabilities are unique, we try to accommodate as many of our customers and potential customers as we can, given that we are a small company with limited resources and that we often don’t have knowledge of our customers’ or potential customers’ specific needs.

Accessibility of

If you have a disability that prevents you from accessing our site, there are several tools we suggest:

For Google products and services like Chrome, Android and/or GMAIL:

For the Firefox Browser:

For Internet Explorer:

For Third Party Screen Readers:

If you have tried one of these third party products/services or browser features and are still having trouble accessing our site, please contact us for further assistance.


We continually make updates to our website and modifications to the accessibility of it. We always attempt to make our website easier to use, more seamless and more accessible. To the extent we have knowledge about difficulties any customer or potential customer has regarding any particular section (or sections) of our website, we will attempt to correct such sections if we are able to reasonably make such changes.

Despite the efforts we may have made regarding accessibility and continue to make, consistent with normal business practices for a company of our size and resources, some content, features, processes, or policies, may still need work, so we welcome your suggestions.

Third Party Applications

Our website may in the future use third-party plugins like Google Maps or connections to our social media feeds. These may or may not work for users with every type of disability. We have no control over these third-party plugins and thus cannot modify them (even if we wanted to) to accommodate every user of our site. Thus, we cannot be responsible for these elements that are out of our control.

Contact Us If You Are Having Difficulty Using Our Site

If, because of a disability, you are having issues with the content on our site and/or require assistance, please let us know.

Please email us at and provide the most detailed explanation that you can about the issues you are having, had and/or believe others may have.

We respect your privacy and you do not have to provide any personal information, including but not limited to you: your name, phone number, email address (unless emailing us) or the type of disability you may have.